Sen. Stanley Confessed to Affair, According to TBI Affidavit


McKensie Morrison
  • McKensie Morrison
In this sworn affidavit, TBI agent Doug Long says Sen. Paul Stanley confessed his affair with his legislative intern, McKensie Morrison, and admitted that he took pictures of her in his apartment. Also, according to the affidavit, Morrison's boyfriend, Joel Watts, told Stanley at one point in a text message that a reporter offered $7,500 for the pictures. More news from the affidavit:
[N]umerous phone conversations between Stanley and Morrison were conducted and monitored. There was also a conversation between Stanley and Watts. During the phone calls between Stanley and Morrison, Morrison informed Stanley she had seen some of the photos Watts talked about in his text messages. Morrison told Stanley they were photographs made in front of a mirror. Morrison also acknowledged she had talked with Watts and that he wanted $8,000.00 for the photographs.
The price just kept going up, according to the TBI. Eventually Watts demanded $10,000, and Stanley delivered the cash in a plastic bag just before Watts' arrest. Update: Memphis TV commentator Mike Fleming says, "There's something terrible going on here. And don't give me this stuff, they're doing it all over the country. Our interests are here and I think collectively they'd screw up a two car funeral procession. I hope that their wives get up there and smack the living crap out of them." Jackson Baker adds: "I'm quite sure there's people urging him to step down entirely and I'm quite sure he's likely to. I don't see him having a political future at this point."

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