Let Us Not Overlook Why Stanley Should Lose His Job


One wonders why Paul Stanley is so busy insisting that he is the victim. At least, one wonders this until one considers the words of Jackson Baker:

the saga of state Senator Paul Stanley and his 22-year-old former legislative intern, McKensie Morrison {emphasis mine]

There are two issues here.

One, the legal issue. It matters whether Stanley fucked Morrison and whether Morrison felt she had to agree to it in order to keep her internship because, if she felt compelled, Stanley's committed a Class C felony under state law (39-3-527--sexual battery by an authority figure--"The defendant was at the time of the offense in a position of trust, or had supervisory or disciplinary power over the victim by virtue of the defendant's legal, professional or occupational status and used the position of trust or power to accomplish the sexual contact.").

But two, even if Morrison didn't feel compelled, if she wanted to have sex with him, the fact that Stanley would even try to take up with a person who worked for him, who wasn't in a position to say 'no' and know it wouldn't affect her job, proves he's unfit to serve. I know it doesn't make him unusual, but it does make him unfit. You don't put the people who work for you in that position. Period.

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