From One Victim to Another: Briley Offers Stanley a Shoulder to Lean On


This is rich: Rob Briley is tweeting advice to Paul Stanley. That's one world-class fuckup to another. Here's hoping Stanley ignores these helpful tweets. If not, who knows what may happen next?

For jackassery, it'd be hard even for Stanley to top Briley, who blamed his booze-fueled escapades variously on the media and on previously repressed memories of still-unspecified abuse as a child. Upon his brief return to the legislature from rehab and a trip to Tunica, Briley even lectured the media at one point on how to act responsibly. He said he was never drunk at the Capitol and offered these words to live by: "I may have come in smelling like alcohol at times but was never intoxicated while I was here." Hey, maybe he should tweet that one to Stanley next.
h/t Kleinheider

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