And You Thought May Town Was Bad


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In contrast, May Town looks half as dumb.
  • In contrast, May Town looks half as dumb.
Paving a bunch of farms in order to create a second downtown in an isolated habitat may sound nuts, but it's nothing compared to The Manhattan Airport Foundation's plan for New York City. The shady organization doesn't have a phone number and looks very much like the work of some creative web developers with wayyyyyy too much time on their hands. But it's professional-looking and serious-sounding enough to possibly, just maybe, be real. And that's quite a feat--considering the foundation wants to build an airport smack dab in the middle of the island by bulldozing Central Park.
Davenport, Iowa has an airport. Tallahassee has one. And so does Lexington, Kentucky. But New York City doesn't. Amazingly, there is still a large, undeveloped and underutilized site in the center of New York City. In fact, this site has remained undeveloped for so long that many of us forget it even exists. It's called Central Park. Ask most New Yorkers when was the last time they visited it. Statistically that number is fewer than one visit per person per year. But how many times did those same New Yorkers go the airport? It doesn't take long to realize Central Park squanders 843 acres of the most valuable real estate in the world.
I'd encourage you to poke around the site. You're bound to find more (unintentional?) comedy gold, like the F.A.Q.'s that address the fate of landmarks like Tavern on the Green, which will be "given the option of applying for a franchisee lease in the concourse food court." Just whatever you do, please don't forward the link to Tony G or Jack May. We don't want them brainstorming any new plans for Nashville's public parks. Centennial as the world's largest Central Parking facility? Helipad? TCBY? The possibilities are endless.


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