Captive Solider in Afghanistan Actually a Deserter


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Former Scene staff writer P.J. Tobia, now stationed in Kabul and writing for True/Slant, has the scoop:
I've been reporting for over a week (along with the AP and WaPo) that Bowe Bergdahl, the US soldier who's gone missing in eastern Afghanistan, walked off the base on his own accord. Now, somebody close to the people searching for Bergdahl has repeated this assertion saying that the soldier left "a note behind that said he was going to the mountains to find himself. He took a journal and 4 or 5 knives with him." My source tells me that Bergdahl arrived at a village and asked if anybody spoke English. That's when he was captured. My source tells me that there is no doubt Bergdahl deserted, which in a time of war is punishable by a court martial at the least, or even execution.
Obviously we wish nothing but the best for Bergdahl. Deserter or not, he's still an American in harms way who willingly put his life in danger by enlisting. But the coverage from most networks, including the video above from CNN, has been suspiciously absent of the details reporters like Tobia are providing. Details which also include the inherent dangers for other soldiers that have resulted because of Bergdahl's apparent desertion.
"The guy thinks he's some kind of Zen master," my source told me. "He had some crazy idea in his head that he was going to wander the countryside and discover the true meaning of life and death. He'll probably find the "death" part o.k." Not surprisingly, military brass and those who have to search for the missing soldier are furious and not a little annoyed. "It's a Where's Waldo mission," my source told me. "Nobody likes that."


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