What's the Most Important Thing In Life? Not the Availability of a Good Wine List


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In addition to horrifying job loss, it seems one more casualty of the recession is romantic relationships. Once you jetted around the world with your significant other eating lobster and oysters, and now he doesn't know where the next paycheck is coming from. So is it Applebee's or kaput? I'm suspicious of these types of trend stories. Money has always been a source of friction between couples, married or cohabitating--so any time there's less juice, many go the way of the dodo. And the recession adds more stress than the usual ups and downs of money management, because job loss creates a whole different kind of strain. But I have to ask: Are relationships that can't withstand money matters all that sturdy in the first place? Talk to me, old-timers. Can a dud economy really ruin an otherwise strong union?


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