MTSU Among Top Ten Gay-Friendly College Football Schools


According to website of PlanetOut, an online media company serving the LGBT community--Middle Tennessee State University is among the the top ten gay-friendly college football schools (No. 9, to be exact):
Sometimes as gay men and women we tend to be apprehensive about going to a sporting event because we fear that we might be lambasted or bashed. But what colleges make the list for the best football atmosphere for gays and lesbians to attend? We roamed the country for the ten best gay-friendly campuses in the country on football game days that give gays the opportunity to 'branch out' and enjoy the electric football scenery.... 9) Middle Tennessee State (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) - This school makes the list because of its progressive nature trapped by the surroundings of rural Tennessee. There is no secret that gays entrench the campus of Middle Tennessee State. The school's small fan base, along with its relative close location to Nashville makes this a prime destination for any fan wanting to see a traditional college football game without the crowd mayhem. Back in 2006, the school made headlines when ESPN caught two boys kissing each other in a opening shot of a televised broadcast. After all, what homosexual wouldn't want to go to a school whose mascot is a Pegasus?
USC and UCLA tied for the top of the list. Other schools included Ohio State, Stanford, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Duke, University of Oregon and Florida International.
Gee, Tony, you guys are standing pretty close together, no?
  • Gee, Tony, you guys are standing pretty close together, no?
Who'da thunk it? Here in gay-hating, queer-fearing Tennessee? Perhaps there is hope for us after all! Still, our hearts go out to state Rep. Tony Shipley. Obviously we knew he wouldn't be sending his kids to USC, UCLA, Stanford or Berkeley, since God is going to drop California off into the sea. But once he learns that it's "no secret that gays entrench the campus of Middle Tennessee State," he's going to have to cross one of Tennessee's largest universities off his list. Sorry, Tony: It looks like no place is safe from the gay invasion.

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