Morning Roundup: Phil Williams Targets Tommie Frist and Corker Goes to Israel


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Phil Williams strikes again! How billionaire Tommie Frist takes advantage of a tax break meant to help hard-working Tennessee farmers. ... Corker visits Israel, West Bank settlements and Gaza. ... Time magazine on the revolt of Phil Bredesen and the governors over possible expansion of Medicaid. ... The pace of layoffs in Tennessee appears to have slowed -- at least temporarily. ... Knox DA Randy Nichols says he won't run again. ... Herenton insists he'll quit as mayor at the end of the month. ... In Clarksville, DA John Carney has been unaccounted for to the public for five weeks. His family says he's recovering from "health-related issues." ... Fundraising totals for members of Congress. ... Marsha Blackburn argues against another economic stimulus:
Another stimulus at this time would add an additional $1 trillion in debt, a move that would surely destroy our international bond rating and turn what is now a downward spiral into an all-out crash. We cannot afford it, nor is it a good idea.


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