Blackburn Conspires with 'Watermelon Dan' Burton on Obama Birther Bill


Hot news from the nation's capital: The "Obama Birther" bill is up to nine co-sponsors! Our own Marsha Blackburn deserves credit for helping get the ball rolling on this one by proudly joining the cause of all those who believe a massive conspiracy has allowed a foreigner to become our president. And she's in fine company. Of special note among her co-sponsors is Rep. "Watermelon Dan" Burton, R-Ind., who earned his nickname in the '90s by his method of trying to prove his theory that Vince Foster was the victim of foul play. He ushered reporters into his backyard to reenact the murder of his fevered imagination, firing a gun at a watermelon that stood in for Foster's head. (OK, it may have been a cantaloupe, but it was some kind of melon.)

In his latest public display of insanity, Burton proposed an amendment to an appropriations bill to pay for a cost-benefit analysis of building a transparent shield around the House chamber to protect against terrorist bombings.

"What this bill does is it would authorize a study to look at enclosing the chamber, the gallery chamber, with Plexiglas so that somebody can't throw a bomb down on the floor and kill a lot of us," Burton explained in testimony before the House Rules Committee.

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