Dept. of Cautious Optimism: Smart People Actually Want to be on the School Board


Unrelated: This movie looked terrible.
  • Unrelated: This movie looked terrible.
Eight months ago, Jeff Woods was telling Nashville to load up the 12-gauge and put one between the school board's eyes. At the time, they had just voted to install former Chattanooga superintendent Jessie Register as Nashville's newest head educator. The end result of a long, and some might say fruitless, search to replace the disgraced Pedro Garcia. Now we're halfway through the summer and, by all indications, mere weeks away from learning that the city has failed to meet standards for the sixth straight year. So why would there be any reason to be optimistic about the state of Nashville's public schools? Well, for starters, there's at least one (and most certainly more than one) incredible principal working in the city. And for seconds, the school board opening left by new charter schools director Alan Coverstone is actually attracting qualified candidates. Today, former Nashville Alliance for Public Education director Kay Simmons threw her hat into the ring. That means that an unusually high number (seven, including three relative heavyweights: Simmons, Meharry administrator Lee Limbird and State Board of Education lawyer Rich Haglund) have chosen to go after a relatively grimy position, that of the appointed board member. That many smart people wouldn't volunteer to board a sinking ship...would they?

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