Councilmember Sandra Moore and Scientology: A Pith Poll


All your Councilmember belong to us.
  • All your Councilmember belong to us.

So let's say you're a councilmember representing some outpost in Nashville. For fun, let's call this place Ledge Hill.

As Ledge Hill's representative, it's your job to be present in the community. And part of that presence is a breakfast, usually in a church basement, held once a month.

Because you don't just represent one person, you represent everyone living in Ledge Hill, and because every vote counts, thus far you've done your best to include all denominations: Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian. Name a congregation and you've probably glad-handed there. But now there's a new church in Ledge Hill. One that comes with a whole lot of baggage. And they'd like their slice of the elected official pie.

So, waddya do? If you're Councilmember Sandra Moore you say sure.

"It's just another community meeting. I don't represent a select few, I represent everybody," says Moore, who'll be hosting July's breakfast Saturday at 8 AM in Scientology's new Nashville headquarters on 8th Avenue South. According to the Councilmember, church officials approached her after attending a meeting.

"They've never forced their beliefs on me or anyone else," says Moore. "They're just trying to do some community outreach."

In fairness to Moore, she is aware of the controversy surrounding Scientology. And she laughed when we asked her if she'd ever been audited. But tell the truth Pithsters, do you really think it's a good idea to be seen in public with guys who hire goons to break up a peaceful demonstration?

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