The Lingering Questions Surrounding Steve McNair's Death


The deaths of Steve McNair and Saleh Kazemi on Saturday have created a kind of perfect storm for armchair detectives. You've got sex, a celebrity and an unsolved murder. And while it's easy to get all self-righteous and sanctimonious about bottom-dwelling Twitterers, sports bloggers and others offering up their own theories less than 48 hours after police roped off the scene, it's also easy to understand the glut of overheated speculation. One, because we're human and this is what we do. And two, because this case offers so much grist for the mill. Although Metro PD have said all along that they're not looking for other suspects, they've still yet to classify the 20-year-old Dave & Buster's waitress's death a suicide. The City Paper's Ken Whitehouse has sources claiming that Kazemi and McNair were confronted hours before the murder by a woman who accused the former Titans quarterback of drugging her, promising that her boyfriend would kill him. Meanwhile, Kazemi's former boyfriend Keith Norfleet readily admitted to the Tennessean that he'd hoped to get back together with his ex, claimed McNair was tricking her into believing he'd leave his wife for her, and posted the following declaration on his MySpace page, which, enabled by hindsight, comes off as downright creepy:
If foreboding MySpace messages were grounds for arrest, half of the country's pre-teen population would be in juvie. But the (internet-only, we have to assume) speculation around Norfleet has only increased thanks to another MySpace message, this one coming from a friend in Antioch named Jett Jackson who wrote "fuck a quarterback. who is mcnair in 09? rip sahel kazemi." Whether the online bluster of a cuckolded ex-boyfriend and his pal amount to anything is unclear at the moment. But you can be sure there'll be a lot more theories between now and when this thing finally gets solved. Update: Kate Howard at the Tennessean reports that the gun found at the scene was purchased by Kazemi and that police are not calling Norfleet a suspect. Looking more and more like the murder/suicide that was initially reported.

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