Come On, People! Where is the Wild Speculation?


Okay, so let's briefly recap. The May Town Center folks promised Tennessee State University a large swath of land along the river, regardless of whether MTC happened. At the Planning Commission meeting, quite a few people who self-identified as being associated with TSU, either because they were alumni of the institution or lived in the neighborhood surrounding the school stood up and spoke in favor of MTC.

Now, today, we learn that Lonnell Matthews has decided to defer the May Town Center proposal indefinitely, until he can be sure that the TSU land transfer has happened.  Well, I've read Nate Rau and I've read (and listened to) Christine Buttorff and hurried off to see what Michael Cass would have to say about it.  And none of them answer the questions I want to know.

Did the anti-MTC testimony at the Planning Commission meeting have an effect on the TSU folks?  In other words, was something said that gave the TSU folks cause to believe that they needed to make sure this land-transfer happened?  Can we read this delay as an indication that the TSU folks who supported MTC publicly have some doubts privately?  And, if so, what are the nature of these doubts?  Are there TSU folks who are concerned that the MTC folks would go back on their word?  And most importantly, if TSU gets the land, and if MTC comes back before the City Council after being deferred, will there still be the same level of support for the project among these self-identified TSU people?

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