Prima Donna Alert? Titans Chris Johnson Announces an End to Smash and Dash


RIP 2008-2009
  • RIP 2008-2009
Uh-oh. Just when you thought the purge of Pacman Jones and benching of Vince Young had rid the Titans of all me-first, attention-starved players comes this news courtesy of's Paul Kuharsky:
Smash and Dash are no more, at least to hear Chris Johnson tell it to Jim Wyatt. The Titans' second-year running back, who felt he should have been offensive rookie of the year in 2008, is continuing to market himself. And to do that, he needs not to be part of a duo, but more individualistic. "Smash and Dash have had a divorce -- that's official,'' Johnson said after Tuesday's minicamp practice at Baptist Sports Park. "I have to be my own guy, so no more Smash and Dash, that was last year. Every Coach's Dream, that's me. Because they say every team has its own identity. I feel for me, I can't be noticed as a group any more. I am my own guy.''
Without context, it's hard to know how to take this. On the one hand, in a league that treats its players like so much cattle, it's OK to root for a little mirth and whimsy. On the other, the NFL is littered with cautionary tales of self-aggrandizing prima donnas (Terrell Owens being the most recent example) who submarined team chemistry and ultimately had to be shipped off in order to calm the waters. So, is Chris "Every Coach's Dream" Johnson just trying to... A) Liven up one of a thousand interminable minicamp interviews or B) Will he soon be doing sit-ups in his driveway, sleeping in hyperbaric chambers, having his publicist explain away a pain pill overdose and demanding a trade? (And no, for the record, there is no "Option C." It's either one or the other.)

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