A Look at Odd Behavior by Tennessee Governors


Weirder than Sanford, Sam Houston left and never came back.
  • Weirder than Sanford, Sam Houston left and never came back.
With Mark Sanford acting a little squirrelly lately, the Associated Press helpfully has documented five other governors in American history who did strange things, and Wonkette has commented too. But for electing screwballs to high political office, Tennessee is tops! A list of our own harebrained governors: Sam Houston: Said "You Can Go To Hell, I'm Goin' To Texas" and left on his own little adventure trip. Or maybe that was Davy Crockett who said that. Whatever. Went native with the Cherokee and got drunk a lot. May have hiked on what is now the Appalachian Trail. Prentice Cooper: Raving segregationist. Spawned truly weirdo son named Jim. Never gave a rat's ass about Father's Day, either. Ray Blanton: Got drunk a lot, sold liquor licenses. Grumpy guy. Was hit with a pie in the face. Turned loose murderers and went to prison. Phil Bredesen: America's first android governor. Bitten by a tick. Was never able to feel human emotions but looked great in Spandex on the ski slopes of Jackson Hole.

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