The Planned Parenthood Demonstrations


There were competing demonstrations at the Planned Parenthood this morning.  On three corners were the pro-choice people, standing in honor of Dr. Tiller.  These folks ranged from unaffiliated feminists to People for the Separation of Church and State and Planned Parenthood supporters to Veterans for Peace.  They had signs and sunscreen and donuts.

On the corner by the Walgreens were, first, five or six Catholic demonstrators who prayed and knelt on the hard sidewalk and sang and read from their Bibles (though, unsurprisingly, they skipped Matthew 6:5).  And then, as they left, a family of anti-abortion protesters showed up--a man, a woman, and eight children--and they took up on that same corner.

None of them appeared to be the "The Pill Kills" protesters, though.  Also conspicuously absent were the "God Hates Shrimp" folks, even though I know for a fact that that Walgreens sells shrimp flavored ramen noodles.

As the demonstrations wore down, the pro-choice demonstrators lingered and a couple of people wearing pro-life shirts, who showed up late, got out of their car and came over.  When it was explained to them that the anti-choice people had already left, they stood there confused for a second.

"But you have children..."

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