Morning Roundup: Bredesen Shrugs, Gives Up on Gun Bills


The governor suggests he'll sign the guns-in-parks bill. Why shouldn't citizen gunmen watch our children on the playgrounds? "I will say, I don't think it has the same severity in the sense of its not mixing alcohol with guns, which is the really dangerous piece of it for me." ... Trying to beat guns-in-bars was too much trouble, Bredesen adds. He has "bigger fish to fry." ... Fund-raising begins for Ned McWherter Monument. ... May tax collections show deeper state budget hole. ... Metro Council members look to use alcohol control laws to keep handguns out of bars. ... More people getting their handgun carry permits. ... House delays Bredesen's energy package. ... TVA chairman says disaster must "never happen again." Let's keep our fingers crossed. ... An Austin Peay prof is running to oust Marsha Blackburn: "I honestly don't think that there is a choice not to."

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