Morning Roundup: Unemployment Down, Hate Crime Up


Police Chief Serpas defends fingerprinting people for traffic tickets: "What this technology does for law enforcement agencies is simply streamline the officer's workload." ... The unemployment rate eases across Tennessee for the first time since the recession began. ... Hate crimes increase in the state, and more disabled people are victimized. "When people are feeling desperate and pressured in times like these ... you're going to try to find the most vulnerable person to victimize," disabled advocate Carol Westlake says. ... Republicans win fight over election commission. ... Rep. Joe McCord thinks the Senate will accept the House version of the judicial selection plan. ... Ramsey campaigns in Johnson City. ... The Jackson Sun opposes legislative ethics rollback. ... The Tennessean and the Commercial Appeal praise the governor's veto of the guns-in-bars bill:
Bredesen's veto sends a vital message to legislators who surely have spent too much time in Nashville bars during the current legislative session: Perhaps it is time to consider some sobering facts before setting in motion a set of new laws that will increase the risk of serious bodily harm or death to innocent bystanders in Tennessee.

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