Ramsey Names Religious Nutjob to TRA


Ron Ramsey: Whatever it takes!
  • Ron Ramsey: Whatever it takes!
The latest evidence that Ron Ramsey will do anything to win the Republican gubernatorial primary: He's appointing Dr. Kenneth Hill, the owner of a wacky Christian radio station, to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority. What does "Dr." Hill know about regulating the telecommunications and utility industries? He knows nothing about that, of course, but he does give money to the election campaigns of far-right candidates. According to Tom Humphrey, who heard about this appointment at Brandon's just like me the other night, Hill previously served as chairman of the now-closed State of Franklin PAC, which was was funded by supreme religious nutcase John Gregory, founder of King Pharmaceuticals of Bristol, and his brother James. Hill also is the father of state Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesboro, one of the fiercest competitors in our popular, nonpartisan Kook Power Rankings. The younger Hill, who once plastered an ultrasound picture of his fetus-baby in a campaign flyer, hosts "The Matthew Hill Show" daily, plus another program named "Bible Buddies." He's also one of our many legislators who think Barack Obama is a foreigner pretending to be an American.

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