Morning Roundup: Special License Plates for Drunks and the Mystery of the Mown Daffodils


Rep. Marsha Blackburn taunts the Blue Dogs on the budget: "The Blue Dogs' PAYGO push is 100 days late and a trillion dollars short." ... The governor signs a bill barring the Safety Department from taking down the handgun serial numbers of permit holders. ... Did TDOT mow down the daffodils? ... House and Senate disagree on how to pick justices. ... Lawmakers push gas tax hikes. ... The Senate Judiciary Committee approves letting rednecks ride around with loaded guns in their pickups. ... And there'll be no confiscation of guns during martial law. That's a relief! ... Politico on the Cohen-Herenton matchup:
When Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, who is African-American, announced last week that he was forming an exploratory committee to run against Cohen, the implication was immediately clear: There is still sentiment that a white Jewish incumbent is not the right fit for a district where African-Americans make up 60 percent of the population.
Should Tennessee require a special license plate for drunken drivers? ... SJR127 survives the Black Hole. ... Eight indicted in Shelby County clerk's office. ... Chattanooga Times Free Press lays off 15 in newsroom. ... Frank Cagle sees signs of life in the Tennessee Democratic Party and trouble for the GOP:
Given the current split in the House Republican caucus, the Republicans are in danger of losing the House in 2010. Who will run the Republican campaign effort? House Speaker Kent Williams, who has been thrown out of the party by Chair Robin Smith? Majority Leader Jason Mumpower, who has a smaller base within the caucus than Williams? Or Smith, who may be off running for Congress in 2010? The Democrats need one seat and some of the Republicans barely won in 2008, even with a huge McCain margin at the top of the ticket.

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