Men of Chippendales Bring Banana-Hammocks to Music City


Beefy dude-revue Chippendales is swinging into Limelight at 10 p.m., May 8, with a coterie of swollen Adonis' in dusty cowboy duds and fantasy public servant uniforms, ripped from the pages of its calendar.

Ladies of Nashville, every cliché fantasy will be realized at this full-production event. Mr. Fireman and Mr. Policeman will be available for more "up close and personal" encounters. Careful with that firehose, honey. It's dangerous. High pressure and whatnot. Oh, and the baton, too. I beat a criminal about the head and neck with it just before I got on stage.

When it seems like most of this type of entertainment is geared toward men, what is it about Chippendales that has remained so successful? Are you, ladies, drawn more to the total package of stagecraft, costume design and fantasy than you are to the, um, package itself?

I don't think I'm going out on a limb here in saying that most men don't go to strip clubs for the production values and the costumes (except when said costumes are tossed aside on the stage). Expound, Pith readers! We await your response, or at the very least a phone call from Chippendales HQ admonishing us for comparing their all-male revue to a strip club.

So if a bunch of guys sauntering on stage with shaved chests is your thing, check it out.

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