Nashville's Tourism Guy Legally Tone-Deaf


Butch Spyridon is president of the Nashville Convention & Visitor's Bureau. Meetings and conventions are his business. And right now, his business, like most others, sucks.

In last Friday's Tennessean, Spyridon penned an editorial addressing the sorry state of the industry (speaking for the "opposition" was an executive with Gaylord -- so much for dissenting voices). Spyridon's take: Blame the media.

Right now, events across the country are being canceled because of media sensationalism and harmful rhetoric coming out of Washington regarding companies devoting resources to business meetings and travel. This toxic environment could exacerbate the economic situation across America and in our city.

Just so we're clear. When Spyridon says "media sensationalism" he's referring to coverage of holy-shit-where's-my-gun moments like last October's $400,000 AIG spa retreat days after the first of what would become many billion-dollar government bailouts. Righteous indignity never had a more proper home.

Remember this in the coming months. Spyridon is but one of a couple of very public figures (Mayor Dean included), who are putting the pedal to the floor when it comes to pitching the Music City Center, the proposed billion-dollar downtown convention center. Not to get all sensationalist on you, but right now we could use all the "harmful rhetoric" we can get.  

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