Megan Barry Strikes Out on High, Hanging (Learning) Curve


Scouting Report: Can't hit the breaking stuff.
  • Scouting Report: Can't hit the breaking stuff.
Metro council is like Little League. It's easy to root for the runt tripping over his uniform, harder to cheer on the pituitary case who dwarfs the umpire. Such is the case with Megan Barry.

Barry is smart, likes green things and isn't afraid to call b.s. when the Mayor slips a fiver to his friends. In Little League terms, she's the kid who has to bring her birth certificate to every game just to prove she's legal. Last Tuesday, though, Barry was one of 24 council members to vote in favor of a stormwater bill that unfairly burdens the little guy. In other words, she went down looking.

S-Town Mike was the first to shed tears over Barry's failure in the clutch:

I am particularly concerned that last Tuesday (Barry) did not see the priority of supporting an equitable system of paying for stormwater run-off. It seems that she has left it up to other progressives to lead on municipal issues that affect average Nashvillians.  I am disillusioned and disappointed in her, not that one person's frustration with a council member amounts to a hill of beans in Nashville politics. But there sure as hell is nothing wrong with expressing dissatisfaction at unrealized promise.
Turns out, Barry agrees. Sort of.

Barry says that she'd initially asked Councilmember Emily Evans ("the water guru") which way she should vote. After Evans told her the Mayor's plan was fine, if flawed, Barry promised finance director Rich Riebeling she'd side with his boss. Evans introduced an amendment after Barry gave her word. Unfortunately, Barry chose to keep a promise rather than use common sense, a virtue with which she is similarly blessed.

"I learned a really valuable lesson with (the stormwater bill)," she says. "Don't pledge your vote until you have tons of information."

Agreed. Now swing the bat, dammit.

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