Jordin Tootoo Donates Blood



Just not his own. (And yeah, that's the worst rip of a No Fear T-shirt slogan you'll see today. We're sorry.)

The Caps beat the Predators last night on an OT goal from Sergei Fedorov (Editor's Note: He's still playing?). But thanks to Tootoo and Wade Belak, the Preds won the more important contest: that of Manliest Men on Skates. (You're welcome for the validation, Combos.)

Above you'll find Tootoo tenderizing the Caps' Matt Bradley. Below you'll find Belak delivering the rare knockout to able pugilist Donald Brashear, a performance that earned the Predators defenseman a 97.7% win percentage on

Wait, how did Brashear earn 1.6% when he ended up on his butt? Who dares impugn the good authority of HockeyFights?!

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