Senate Dems Wonder What They Stand For


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Roy Herron: PR mastermind
  • Roy Herron: PR mastermind
It took state GOP flack Bill Hobbs all of eight seconds to snap out a press release mocking Senate Democrats over a pathetic strategy memo leaked to A.C. Kleinheider today. In the memo, a clueless Democratic caucus chair Roy Herron suggests two months into this year's session that his party might think about developing an "over-arching theme" and maybe even hold a press conference to convey that theme to reporters. What a novel idea! In his press release, Hobbs takes the opportunity to slap the Democrats once again on the income tax. Why not?
While the Republican Majority in the Senate leads, the Democrat minority scratches around for a message that will sell. Missing from the list of guru-approved agenda items was the recent effort by Senator Reginald Tate to revive the state income tax. "Raising taxes, rather than cutting spending the way working families have to do, demonstrates how Tennessee Democrats are wrong on the economy and out of touch with the average citizen," commented Robin Smith, Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party. In these difficult times, Democrats should be offering a real agenda or joining with Republicans on common sense solutions to the problems Tennessee faces. This memo clearly demonstrates the Democrat agenda: Empty slogans, no solutions and no attention to the people of Tennessee.


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