Newspocalypse: Content Sharing at the Tennessean


The Tennessean will now be sharing content with the Knoxville News Sentinel, owned by Gannett and E.W. Scripps Co., respectively.

I'm having flashbacks to my time writing for our sister paper, New Times in Fort Lauderdale. Right around that period in early- to mid-2008, the Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel entered into a content sharing agreement as both papers pared their staff in a few painful episodes of pink slip-bloodletting.

In these times you won't catch me picking on any of these papers for sharing content on the fringes of their coverage area. Actually it's an eminently sensible and responsible thing to do. Balking at such an arrangement would constitute little more than foolish pride.

But, if the carnage in South Florida is any reliable indication, content sharing could be a bellwether for what's still to come.

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