ACLU Sends Action Alert Against 'Don't Say Gay' Bill


One of Rep. Stacey Campfield's most famous acts of cruel jackassery--his "Don't Say Gay" bill--makes its annual appearance in a House subcommittee tomorrow, and the ACLU is so worried that it sent an action alert to supporters. Campfield wants to ban any mention of homosexuality in public schools. The ACLU says his bill is "jeopardizing student safety and academic freedom." According to the ACLU:
• Teachers, school counselors, and other school administrators - not the General Assembly - are the most qualified to decide what is the best way to responsibly teach about diversity and other current events affecting students today. • Anti-gay bullying against both gay and straight students is one of the biggest problems in our public schools. Teachers and administrators should not be hamstrung in their efforts to address all forms of discrimination and harassment. • This blanket ban violates the First Amendment prohibition against viewpoint discrimination by favoring speech about "heterosexuality" and banning speech about gay issues regardless of the educational purpose. • HB821 infringes upon academic freedom by arbitrarily suppressing ideas and dictating to educators and students that only "heterosexuality" may be discussed. • The bill may be used to prohibit students from forming Gay-Straight Alliance clubs and from encouraging tolerance and respect for all students regardless of sexual orientation.
Is that all?

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