Morning Roundup: Wamp Scoffs at Ramsey and Robin Smith Goes Off Her Meds Again


Zach Wamp says Ron Ramsey can't scare him out of the governor's race. "If that was anybody's calculation, they miscalculated." ... Sounding like a crazy lady, state GOP chair Robin Smith raves about an "orchestrated plot to target those who serve to inform voters of options other than the ravaging policies of increased taxes, the resurrection of the welfare state and the strategy of class warfare." ... House Speaker Kent Williams says Smith is afraid of independent thinkers like himself. "I think a lot of our members are beginning to see they don't need to be told how to vote on issues." ... It would suck to be governor with state revenue cratering, and you couldn't raise campaign money in this economy anyway so why should a big-name Democrat run? Lincoln Davis asks. ... He also says he's personally not running solely because he's happy to shovel pork-barrel projects from his new Appropriations Committee seat. ... State Sens. Dolores Gresham and Andy Berke debate the Republicans' "Education First" gimmick.

Tom Humphrey writes about House Joint Resolution 132, which would amend our state Constitution to insert a clause that begins thusly: "Nothing in this constitution secures or protects a right to vasectomy."

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