Vince vs. El Beardo: Your Titans' Training Camp Storyline, Now Available in March


With Chris Simms moving to Denver--LenDale White's favorite city for alleged belt-whippings-- the stage has now been set for the ultimate bar stool argument: Who will win the training camp battle for Titans' starting QB? Otherwise known as The Fight to be the Guy Who Gooses Kevin Mawae 60 Times Per Game.

Incumbent starter Kerry Collins has re-signed. Vince Young's agent says his client would like his job back.  Barring injury, or a really cool hands-tied-together knife fight a la Michael Jackson's "Beat It," Coach Jeff Fisher will go with Collins, the man who helped lead the Titans to the playoffs last year.

But that doesn't mean you can't pretend your opinion matters. After all, the debate over who is more deserving will occupy much of the next six months and approximately 25,000 column inches on future Tennessean sports page.

To properly arm you for the inevitable armchair-GM bickering, here are a collection of adjectives to employ when making your case for either QB.

For Collins: crafty, savvy, intelligent, seasoned, cagey, shrewd, Favreian
For Young: hungry, eager, redeemed, rejuvenated, electrifying, Wildcat Worthy

Bonus option: Downing a case of Benadryl in hopes you'll Rip Van Winkle your way to the season opener. Just don't forget to set the alarm.

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