Playing the Limbaugh Card is the Latest in Democratic Fashion


He's Paris Hilton only without the sex videos.
  • He's Paris Hilton only without the sex videos.
It's official: Rush Limbaugh is now to Democrats what "socialism" is to Republicans.

For the past few weeks, the White House has been steadfast in painting the drug-addled sociopath/Victim Radio star as the true voice of the Republican Party. It even managed to trick new GOP Chairman Micheal Steele into dismissing Limbaugh for the kook that he is. Which only brought a new round of crowing when Steele was forced to backpedal in apology.

Now the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has sent out a mass email framing Limbaugh as the GOP's puppet master. "When Rush says jump," it leads off, "congressional Republicans says how high?" Continuing: "That is why today I am asking you to join me in telling Senate Republicans to go on record and declare their independence from Rush Limbaugh."

In terms of party warfare, it's not exactly cunning. And it seems a lot like the guilt-by-association William Ayers slurs of last fall. Okay, so Limbaugh's a huge voice among the Crazed Shut-In/People Who Spend Too Much Time In Their Car faction of the conservative movement. But to most of the country he's irrelevant. All Democrats are doing is making us think about one of the nation's  most irritating people, a bloated Paris Hilton who doesn't even leak home sex videos. Oooo noooo, please don't make us think of Rush Limbaugh again!

Is this a terrible move, or am I missing something here?

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