Republicans Squabbling with Williams Again; Legislature's Approval Rating Drops Another 10 Points Overnight


Wondering why the legislature's approval rating rivals Pol Pot's? Maybe it's because they're behaving like spoiled brats. In the latest example, House Republicans barred Speaker Kent Williams from their caucus yesterday. Republican leader Jason Mumpower says dealing with Williams is an "issue we're working on." No Kidding. "If it causes discontent within the caucus, it would be best if he did not attend," Mumpower says."And there are more than a few members who are discontent with him." More Mumpower: "My mission is to have and to maintain a very united caucus, and that's what we're going to be about." Williams says, "I wasn't allowed in," adding like a schoolyard bully that no one could have stopped his bad-ass self from going in, "but I was a gentleman about it and said 'I'll come back when I'm invited.'" He adds, "I'm still in the caucus. I'm still a Republican. I'm not voted out yet, and I don't think I will be." Rep. Stacey Campfield, of course, is blogging about the whole affair. He says Williams was "pulled out by our leadership and asked to stay out" and then "he went into full on temper tantrum mode." According to Campfield, Williams is trying to divide the Republicans. That Campfield is an astute political observer (although a little shaky in his use of the English language).
Kent is extra wanting a vote of the caucus to see if he should be allowed in or not. My informal personal polling thinks he would get 10 votes if he is Lucky. I am quite sure he must know this but once again this is not about out or in. It is an attempt by Kent to divide the party against itself pro or anti Kent. He might get a few more votes if the vote was roll called because a few members would fear reprisals if they had to publicly vote against him. Kent really wants that. If it were roll called the few that would vote for him would feel isolated in the party even more and everyone else would get punished. He was heard making threats outside of the meeting. That tells you a lot about who this is about.
Later, Campfield dishes again on Williams, this time from an evening reception, and offers a second-hand quote (or maybe third-hand, who knows?) from the speaker as proof of his false-heartedness.
I just went to a reception and ran into a few members who heard Kent in full on temper tantrum mode. Supposedly Someone brought up the point to Kent that he was just trying to divide the caucus and Kent responded along the lines of "Good, we need to divide the caucus between the conservatives and the people who think like me". As Lincoln said "A house divided against itself can not stand" We now know for a fact Kent's goal.
Mumpower says there will be no vote, roll call or otherwise. He says GOP leaders will decide based on "what's best for the caucus ... my position is we should do whatever is necessary to maintain the utmost unity within the caucus."

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