Kent Williams: the Pepé Le Pew of the Legislature


Like Pepé Le Pew, the debonair French skunk in Looney Tunes, House Speaker Kent Williams won't take no for an answer. The morning after he was kicked out of a GOP caucus meeting, Williams insists his amorous advances are welcomed by a majority of House Republicans. He says he'll keep bursting into their meetings until all the members vote on whether he should go or stay. This morning, Williams discussed the latest party controversy with reporters:
"I'm going to keep going to the caucus meetings, absolutely. They canceled the meeting or I would have gone back in. If I had wanted to go back in, believe me, I would have gone back in. One of the statements was that if one member don't want me there, then I shouldn't go. How many members don't want some of the other representatives there? I know there's three or four I don't want there. Does that mean they can't go? I don't quite understand their logic with that one. I think they should have a vote on me. Let's vote on everybody. If we're going to vote on me, let's vote on the rest of them."
"How many votes would Campfield get?" we asked. "I don't know. He'd get at least one. That's why I want to be there if they do have a vote. I'd want to vote for myself. I've done that before. Ah gosh, I'm doing a standup comedy routine. ... I'm glad everybody's having a little fun though."

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