Carter County Flush with Stimulus Cash; Williams Crows 'I'm Bringing Home the Bacon'


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The bridge they're replacing in Carter County.
  • The bridge they're replacing in Carter County.
Carter County, home of House Speaker Kent Williams, is rolling in federal stimulus money already. They're getting ready to replace a bridge and widen a highway. We doubt Williams helped snag this stimulus cash. But that won't stop him from claiming credit for it, and voters won't know any better. How much do you think they care now what Robin Smith thinks about their hometown hero? They're probably already slapping their knees up there around the courthouse square, laughing about how ol' Kent snookered all the pols in Nashville to bring home the bacon for Carter County. They'll probably name the new bridge after Williams. Update: Outside his office this morning, Williams confirms the accuracy of the above post. Indeed he didn't have much to do with landing all that stimulus money, but he'll take credit for it anyway. "Absolutely, I brought home that bacon. You can call it bacon or hamburger, whatever you want to call it. Absolutely, that's my job."


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