Capitol Cowards: Guns OK on Playgrounds But Not at Legislature


In one of the worst hypocrisies of the World Capital of Hypocrisy--a.k.a. the Tennessee General Assembly--politicians are pushing legislation to let gunmen go all over the place, even onto city playgrounds. But guess which bill has yet to be introduced? That would be the one letting people carry their 357 Magnums into the Legislative Plaza. There are signs up all over the place here, in fact, warning that guns are prohibited.

Long ago, a senator tried to amend a gun bill to let people take weaponry into the Capitol. Suddenly, the Senate's many Second Amendment champions decided that actually (ahem) the government can restrict gun rights under certain extremely limited circumstances, namely when a politician's own safety is at stake.

Pith asked one of the House gun nuts, Rep. Henry Fincher, a Democrat from Cookeville, whether he'd favor opening the Capitol to gunmen.

"I personally, as a handgun carry permit holder and certified handgun carry permit instructor, don't have a problem with people bringing them up there," Fincher said. "Some of my colleagues might. That'd be a good debate. We license people to carry all over our society now. ... I feel like handgun permit holders are very responsible, are trained in both the use of firearms and the laws of self-defense, and I don't fear a law-abiding citizen who chooses to carry a handgun for personal protection. I fear the law-breakers who use them to take advantage of citizens, to rob citizens and to kill 'em."

Why then hasn't someone introduced a bill to allow guns into Legislative Plaza? we asked. "I'd urge you to contact your legislator," Fincher replied.

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