Thelma Harper Slaps Ramsey for 'Offensive Manner'



Here's an unexpected development: It makes Thelma Harper very angry if you infer that she's a blockhead. Yesterday, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said he's dumping Harper as chair of the Senate Government Operations Committee because of her notorious foot-dragging on sunset bills affecting major departments--and, oh yes, also because she's a Democrat. Like clockwork today come these statements of outrage:

"Given the new majority of Senate Republicans, there is nothing abnormal about the changing of Committee chairs. However, it is very distasteful and unprofessional to cast aspersions on my leadership ability and the hard working and diligent staffers who are committed to excellence. I have never experienced a Speaker who disrespects a fellow member of the Senate in such an offensive manner."
 - Senator Thelma Harper
  "Senator Harper conducted her committee with the utmost of transparency and integrity. State agencies that came before her found themselves before a fair, yet thorough Chair. For 8 years, she served this state as Chairwoman in a dignified manner. I wish Speaker Ramsey had chosen to end her tenure with the same respect."
 - Senator Jim Kyle

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