Alexander Woofs at Obama



Lamar Alexander is picking a fight with Barack Obama in the New York Times. "The change that people voted for was a change in management," he says. "If they think the change the country elected them to provide was a lurch to the left, they're in for a big surprise."

As planks in Obama's "far-left agenda," Alexander cites universal health-care, non-oil energy subsidies (Lamar just hates windmills because they might spoil his Nantucket view), and Obama's coming economic stimulus package that could reach $1 trillion.

"I don't even want to think about a number that big," the senator says. He might find a little disagreement in Tennessee on that one. Gov. Phil Bredesen and state lawmakers really love thinking about a number that big. The state government needs a federal bailout. It's fun to toe the party line when there's no price to pay, but what will Alexander say when state workers are losing their jobs and the home folks are crying about Draconian cuts in higher education and health care?

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