Congressman Zach Wamp, Former Cokehead



Congressman Zach Wamp has confessed to being a former cokehead. The Wampster says that during his college days 25 years ago, he had quite an affinity for the whitey, and that "he crashed and almost burned."

Fortunately, being a former addict doesn't preclude one from elected office these days. President Bush has long been rumored to have been on a first name basis Colombian gun powder during his wilder days. And you have to admire anyone who goes from cokehead to congressman in just 10 years.

The weirder question is why Wamp is raising the issue now. The Associated Press speculates that he's trying to get ahead of the issue for his potential run for governor. It may defuse the possibility of a Wamp re-enactment in an attack ad, where a look-a-like is seen snorting the carpet for spilled particles.

But a confession may also play well with the evangelical crowd. Nothing quite lights up a conservative church like the guy who acknowledges his bout with the devil, but testifies to being salvaged by Christ.

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