A Day With a Gay


As Caleb Hannan posted last week, today is the national Day Without a Gay. So, as people with a "nasty case of the homo" (as Mr. Hannan so politely put it), why are my partner and I both at work today? Why are we risking losing the Rainbow Points gays earn each year for making contributions to the community, which can be redeemed for fabulous prizes at the year-end Rend-gay-vous?

First of all, our Rainbow Points total is so low that our only prize option is the keychain. But most importantly, have you seen the economy lately? With people living week to week, just waiting to see if their employer stays open, the Day Without a Gay idea may be a clever way to raise awareness, but it's not logical for most gays--especially ones that live in a state like Tennessee (and the majority of the others), where you can still legally be fired for being gay.

The Day Without a Gay campaign isn't asking people to just take the day off and stay home to watch an Iron Chef marathon. It's encouraging people to take the time to volunteer with services to aid the gay community. Today was picked because Dec. 10 is International Human Rights Day. So instead of just focusing on the rights that gays are denied in the U.S., I think it's important to remember the people suffering from human rights violations around the world whose situations are far worse than being the second-class citizen that I am.

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