Tribune Co. eyeing Chapter 11



Führer Zell

Tribune Co., owner of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Baltimore Sun, may file for bankruptcy. These are hard times, and the Tribune Co. over the last year has offered a large number of buyouts to its employees, laid off where it couldn't buy out, and generally watered down its content. The Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale even tried to re-invent itself, redesigning the front page, which now looks, ironically, like a web page. And the Florida paper went so far as to begin sharing content with its competitor, the Miami Herald.

Sam Zell, real estate entrepreneur and owner of Tribune Co., has led the company in this direction, and from what I hear is generally regarded as a hack who is ruining a group of fine papers. Sad times indeed for journalists. And I wonder, will the direction daily journalism is headed in, what with its quick hits and infographics, destroy these papers and dissolve their readership? I'm bracing for comments proclaiming that they had it coming because of liberal bias.

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