Jay Cutler-Philip Rivers Fight Ranked Third Best NFL Feud



Vanderbilt favorite son Jay Cutler may be one of the NFL's more promising young quarterbacks, but he's not winning many friends. Word out of Denver is that he's largely disliked by his own team, due to a terminal bout of arrogance. Now Yahoo Sports has named his beef with San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers as the league's third best feud.

OK, so a quarterback catfight isn't much to write home about, especially when compared to the title fight between Baltimore's Bart Scott and Pittsburgh's Hines Ward. (Now there's some seriously unhinged combatants.) But what's embarrassing for Nashville is Cutler's chosen method of battle. He doesn't go for traditional threats of manly violence--see Scott. No, he's into the old Taunt My Enemies By Grabbing My Crotch Maneuver, a method of masculine jousting whose origins stem from poseur rap videos and standoffs between rival frats over who can chug the most Busch Light.

Can't Cutler at least threaten to key Rivers' Escalade or something?


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