Homeowner Pens Compelling Account of Home Invasion Robbery


The silver Toyota Highlander was stolen during a West Nashville home invasion. Gang detectives surveilling the Edgehill public housing development spotted the SUV pulling into a driveway. As the detectives approached, the passenger in the front seat bailed, disappearing into the complex. The driver and another passenger were taken into custody.

The SUV was stolen on Sunday evening. Here's a terrifying account of the robbery, penned by the homeowner on Harding Place himself (Note: We won't know if his conjecture concerning their high school of origin is true until arrests are made):

It was a typical Fall Sunday night. Winding down from a fun day at the Titans game. It was half time of the Sunday night football game on TV. Myself in a chair, my daughter on the sofa and her boyfriend in the kitchen preparing a nice large bowl of ice cream. Men, never let your guard down. Keep your doors locked. The five gang members are probably Hillsboro High School students from the Edge Hill area.  It was not their first time. I was the second family last Sunday night that they terrorized.  They came in with overwhelming force, five, all with automatic pistols; no one could have been prepared for that. The gang shot at me, forced me to open my gun and valuable safes looking for pistols and cash, all the time pointing, hitting and threatening to kill us. Then they kidnapped the three of us and drove us to two Green Hills ATM's to withdraw money.  Then they drove us behind Hillsboro High School down a dark street where I thought, 'this is not good.' 
As my daughter lay on the floor of the back seat she was tugging and tugging on my pants leg. I had to ignore her. I did not want to give a reason for the 3 gang members in our vehicle, two following in another car, to think we were planning some move. They finally told us to jump out of the SUV. My daughter and boyfriend jumped out one side, me the other. I came around the back side of the vehicle as it was speeding off and saw my daughter face down in the wet grass and mud with her boyfriend on top shielding her from harm.  What a brave young man to protect her and put his life on the line for her.  I will always be proud of such heroism.  

Later, when the ordeal was over and the police took us back home, I asked her why she was tugging on my pants so hard. She said, "I wanted to tell you I love you in case we die tonight". A lot of us probably keep our front doors open when guests are visiting.  These gang kids enjoyed what they did and will probably hit again. Since a lot of us live in the Green Hills/Belle Meade area, keep your guard up. It can happen anywhere, though.  I keep asking myself, 'was it random?'  Did they follow me from the grocery store?  The Titan's game? Was it a connection with the workers across the street, building a house? Who did I piss off? Etc. etc. I need to know.  Don't let your family go through what mine has.  -Jim Stadler

Only two hours before Stadler's ordeal, a home in Paragon Mills Park was hit in much they same manner. Detectives are trying to determine if the suspects from the West Nashville robbery were involved in this one.

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