A Word from Kentucky on Behalf of the Music City Bowl



Ah, the plight of the secondary bowl game. You feature teams of marginal attraction, offering a holiday vacation to fans and alumni who'd rather be someplace else. In exchange for for hosting a post-season contest for two barely-over-.500 squads, you reap the rewards of hotel stays, hamburger sales and plus-size bar bills.

But at least someone seems pleased by the possibility of an invite to the Music City Bowl. In Kentucky, word is hot and heavy that the Wildcats will again be one-half of the New Years Eve matchup. And according to Kentucky Sports Radio's Matt Jones, that's not a bad thing:

New Years Eve in Nashville is becoming like a sacred act for the UK family....we all get in the car in the morning, drive down there on I-65, hit the traffic at the same time....curse the traffic.....see the Batman building as we get into town....struggle for a place to park....walk downtown for a few minutes (stopping at the Hooters to see the KSR crew)....go to the game....watch the Cats beat an ACC opponent with a big name that is a bit down this year.....celebrate with Rich and the boys.....leave, go shower and hit the town in Nashville on New Years Eve, preferably singing karaoke at some point. It is a great night and every year we leave and think, "I would be fine playing in this bowl every year!"

Compare this warm take to Kentucky's other bowl possibility, the Liberty game in Memphis. Writes Jones: "Memphis is dirty, rough and at times I feel as if I need a shower just talking about it."

So there.


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