Georgia Senator Chambliss Cops A Feel On TV: Weird Thanksgiving Ad Airs Anyway



It's a quick clip, so watch for it at the end. Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss wraps up his feel-good Thanksgiving address and grabs his granddaughter, who's sitting on his knee, in exuberant affection. Here's the problem: He grabs her boob. She's a little girl, no denying, but this isn't just some accidental brushing. We're talking straight-up cuppage. This is now blog fodder because, inexplicably, it hit the airwaves, leading me to speculate: Were his aides too scared to ask him for a second take?

"Sir, we need to do it one more time," the aide stammers. "You groped your own granddaughter."

To be sure, an awkward subject to broach.
Perhaps it's an inside job. He's probably gonna win anyway, but maybe an opponent has a mole inside his campaign, waiting for the perfect opportunity to scuttle his campaign. Guess we'll know tomorrow if an errant and accidental boob-grab is enough to derail an election.

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