Florida's Gay Adoption Ban Overturned


In the wake of setbacks for gays this November, a glimmer of hope has appeared in Florida. Of course, it was done by what spewers of right-wing rhetoric will undoubtedly label an "activist judge."

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Cindy Lederman struck down a 31-year-old Florida law that banned gays from adopting. Florida is the only state that specifically banned "homosexual" individuals. Newer actions by other states have been more clever in their wording by refusing adoption rights to unmarried partners--such as the recent "activist mob rule" by Arkansas residents--after first denying marriage rights to gays.

I've mentioned before that the Arkansas initiative particularly bothered me because if it had passed a year ago, I wouldn't have the wonderful nephew that my sister and her partner adopted there. I recently had a chance to visit with him, and I wish anyone who voted for the initiative or others like it could see his happy face and the love bestowed on him by both of his mothers, his grandparents, his great-grandmother and the rest of our family. Then, just maybe, they'd realize the happiness and love they are potentially denying to other children, just because of a fear or hatred of gays derived from misguided interpretation of a religious document.

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