Stupid Criminal of the Day: Would-be burglar brings pick tool to gunfight, gets shot in the leg



Jerry Watson: Now has hitch in his giddy-up

I guess 69-year-old John Lewis had been around long enough to know a cop when he saw one. Jerry Watson, 34, broke in through Lewis' front door Sunday night to burglarize the place. Lewis armed himself and confronted Watson, who shone his flashlight beam in Lewis' face. He claimed to be a cop and ordered Lewis to drop his weapon.

When Lewis asked to see a badge, he happened to notice a pick tool in Watson's hand. Figuring that wasn't standard police issue, Lewis shot Watson in the upper thigh. Watson went down briefly, then fled out the door. He was found bleeding next door. As soon as he's discharged from the hospital, he'll be headed to the Metro jail on an aggravated burglary charge.

Apparently, Watson is new to Nashville. The bulk of his convictions--26 in all, including burglary, theft and drug possession--are out of Roane County in East Tennessee. In 2004, he was sentenced to 17 years, but recently paroled and registered as a con with MNPD. Glad to have ya, Watson.

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