Thompson Drops RNC Bid


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Surprise. Surprise. Republicans trying to look all fresh and new and appealing after their Election Day drubbing have decided that Fred Thompson probably isn't their most attractive public face. So according to his little buddy Scooter Clippard, Thompson is returning to acting and dropping his bid to chair the Republican National Committee. It hasn't been an especially uplifting year for ol' Fred. He sucked several million dollars out of the pockets of Tennessee Republicans for a pathetically lame presidential campaign. Now, there's this new indignity. But don't despair. There's still hope that another home state boy, Chip Saltsman, could become national party chair. He's billing himself as the guy who knows how to broaden the party's base. We're guessing he learned how to do that by managing Mike Huckebee's campaign to become president of all White Married Christian Nutjobs.


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