Predictions for Joe the Plumber's Newfound Celebrity



Joe the Plumber's Got Something To Sell

So Joe the Plumber got himself an agent to manage his 15 minutes (which will end in roughly four days). The deluge of public appearance and media requests--not to mention a book contract in the offing--proved too much for the humble tradesman.

But what's in the future for Joe? Are his days installing pipe and clearing clogs over? Will he take his place in the gallery of conservative pundits called upon by MSNBC and Fox News?

Here's what I posit will happen:

1. No one will give two shits about Joe or anything he has to say after the election. Note: His shelf life might be extended should McCain win.

2. Any street cred he had with conservative voters will now be sullied, retroactive to the moment he signed a contract with an agent and starting stumping for McCain.

3. As his public appearances proliferate beyond canned speeches, it will become evident that he's poorly informed, inarticulate and has nothing to add to the discussion.

4. His book contract will fizzle once the election is decided and attention shifts back to the sputtering economy and our foreign quagmire.

5. Joe the Plumber will recede into relative obscurity--a novelty to his customers should he be allowed to continue his trade unlicensed.

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