"Inside the Sad, Sadistic Life of a Campaign Reporter"


Those poor, miserable little people. Articles about the people who write articles for a living are rarely more than self-indulgent drivel. The fourth wall is there for a reason: The people behind it usually aren't that interesting. So it's with some pleasure that we pass along this fascinating (and brief) account from The New Republic of how the interminable election season is affecting the reporters covering it. Sleepless nights. Broken homes. A Lord of the Flies-type atmosphere on campaign flights. And everybody's favorite: the identity crisis! "It's kind of like, this is who I am now, so the idea of the campaign being over and not doing a politics blog is a little bit like, who am I after this election?" Listening to the same speech every day for 18 months is boring? Who knew? For more bitching, click here.

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