Debate Cleanup: Winning "On Points"



It appears, shockingly, to be the consensus of right wing bloggers that McCain won last night's Nashville debate "on points." I'm trying to figure out what this means. Surely it doesn't refer to the 24 percentage "points" separating the two candidates in a CNN poll showing viewers thought Obama did better (a 26-point gap among independents). Or the 32 percentage "points" separating the candidates on the question of who is more intelligent. Or the 14 percentage "points" separating uncommitted voters in a CBS poll asking who won. I'm not quite sure what sort of "points" defined McCain's win in the imaginations of his online faithful, but they appear not to be the kind that involve actual humans who actually watched the debate and might actually vote next month.

How far off the rails has the right run with under a month left to go? For an answer look no further than the tempestuous and widely read (red) blogger Malkin, who perfectly captured the ethos of the country and the campaign in summing up the evening: "No mention of Ayers. No mention of ACORN. Not even the feeblest attempt to expose Obama’s radical roots. Disaster."

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