Vandy's Gameday Performance Leaves Something to be Desired


Last week, we asked Vanderbilt students to raise the bar. For the first time in school history, a Commodore's match-up was the featured game during ESPN's college football orgy Gameday. Here was a chance for Dores' fans to separate themselves from the proverbial pack. To show the nation just how clever they really are. Unfortunately, we forgot we're dealing with college kids, an age group determined to disguise whatever intelligence they may possess with a veil of sarcasm and gay jokes. To wit:
Sigh. To be fair, there were a handful of scribbled missives that did meet our high expectations. "The Geeks Shall Inherit the Turf" was one of our favorites. And the "New Bailout Plan: Bet on the Dores" sign showed a surprising willingness to publicly acknowledge the outside world. But some signs weren't clever or juvenile. They were just plain confusing. After the jump, two that had us baffled...
Was Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville involved in some sort of real-estate scheme?
The Office reference is easy enough. But Rick and Bubba? Drop some knowledge on us folks and leave your best guesses in the comments.

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